Tax Preparation & Planning

Tax implications accompany nearly every business decision. With proper management, however, taxes can present an opportunity rather than a burden. Crace Galvis McGrath will identify the most beneficial tax strategy for you and your business. We’ll identify all applicable tax credits, minimize your liability, and prepare and file all necessary forms.

We’ll help you avoid the penalties and non-compliance fees that can cause costly business interruptions. Our expert associates will unravel the complexities of the always-evolving tax code and compliance mandates and deliver our recommendations in a no-nonsense fashion.

We can assist you in your personal filings as well, successfully integrating your business goals while improving your personal tax position. We’ll protect your assets, minimize estate and inheritance taxes, and help you plan for future developments.

Crace Galvis McGrath offers expert services in the following areas:

  • New Business Planning
  • Advice on the Sale and Purchase of Businesses
  • Corporate & Partnership Planning and Tax Services
  • Personal Planning & Tax Services
  • Estate & Gift Tax Planning and Tax Services
  • Fiduciary Tax Services
  • Fiduciary Services – Executor & Trustee

Whether you’re ready to assemble a team or simply looking for more information on our services, we’re eager to listen. Contact us today.